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Premium blade honing

Sharpen the blade by means of a grindstone so as to keep sharpness long.

3-Ply Steel

The highest grade Mo-V steel is thrusted in the blade section of the rust-proof 13 chrome stainless steel and manufactured by means of our high technique making use of an up-to-date manufacturing plant. Try and realize the real cutting sharpness.

Full blade forming

For easy re-grinding, the blade base is wethoned with coarse/medium grindstone by skilled craftsmen prior to formation of the primary blade.

Integrated structure

This kitchen knife is of integrated sanitary structure leaving no clearance between the blade and handle.

Handle with checkered non-slip surface

The stainless handle section is hollowed and is light in weight keeping beauty with checkered non-slip surface. 18-8 stainless steel handle is sanitary in structure and enables sterilizing washing of water/chemicals at high-pressure and high-temperature.
*Please refrain from chlorine sterilization.

Blade:Clad steel
Handle:18-8 stainless steel

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