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European Type Feature

Sharpness for professionals

Premium blade honing

Sharpen the blade by means of a grindstone so as to keep sharpness long.

Full blade forming

For easy re-grinding, the blade base is wet-honed with coarse / medium grindstone by skilled craftsmen prior to formation of the primary blade.

Sub-zero treatment

Special heat treatment with quenching at the temperature of 1050°C and after that cooling treatment below -73°C provide high hardness, durability and enhance further sharpness.

Integrated structure

This kitchen knife is of integrated sanitary structure leaving no clearance between the blade and handle.


18-8 stainless steel handle with checkered non-slip surface

Indentations (European Type Indented)

The indentations reduce the surface area of the blade that comes into contact with the food, decreases the food resistance and improves sharpness.

Indentations (European Type Indented)

Blade:Mo-V steel
Handle:18-8 stainless steel

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